… brand Omniport?

Omniport is the working title of the project. Your portal need not be named Omniport, although no one’s going to stop you from naming it that if you prefer.

However, for those of us that would like to brand their specific instance of Omniport, branding has been made really really easy. Effortless actually. Omniport supports deep branding of the portal to customise it thoroughly for your institute.

Very fancy.


All paths referenced here lie within the omniport-backend/ folder inside the codebase/ folder.


  • Follow the naming convention specified.

    Omniport is not sentient and will not locate your images if not named and placed according to the pattern. To omit an asset, leave out the file.

  • Follow the size and aspect ratio guidelines.

    This is so that the assets integrate harmoniously with the rest of the portal. As feature packed as Omniport is, it is not free of assumptions.

  • Follow the file format specification.

    As a rule of thumb prefer .svg and .ico when the image needs to scale up and down respectively. Preferred file formats are given, in order of preference, best stick to them.

  • All branding is optional.

    While a bit of imagery adds to the aesthetics, it is not essential. In its absence, everything will gracefully fallback on textual branding defined in configuration/.

Image specifications

File name

Aspect ratio

Height in use




16, 32, 48 px

multisize .ico only


square preferred

3.5em (~49px)

.svg, .png, .jpg


no restrictions

3.5em (~49px)

.svg, .png, .jpg

All images should be provided in 2x size if not supplying in the .svg format to ensure that they work well on HiDPI displays.

For best results, use RealFaviconGenerator to generate your favicon.ico files.

Branding types


The following files are required to brand Omniport with your custom branding. Defaults will be provided for these images.

  • site/:

    Since Omniport allows you to run multiple sites (such as Intranet and Internet) from the same portal, we allow you to brand them separately by loading indexed files.

    Indexing works by suffixing _<side_id> to the folder name. So a logo for a site with site ID 2 should be placed in site_2/ for Omniport to recognise it. This is optional and you can skip the indexing portion to use the same asset across your sites.

    Ensure that you brand all your served sites or provide a non-indexed version as fallback. You may use the provided default Omniport branding for your portal or for reference when designing your own, if designing your own.

    If not redesigning your own icons, be sure to respect the Brand usage guide.


The following files are required to brand Omniport with your custom branding. No defaults will be provided for these images.

  • institute/:

    Your institutes logo and wordmark should be used here. There are no defaults and no references for this set of imagery.

  • maintainers/:

    The branding imagery employed by Information Management Group for the Indian Institute of Technology, Roorkee is available for reference.