… access app registry?

Discovery and Configuration allow Omniport to be extensible and tailored to the needs and requirements of a particular institute. But this comes at the cost of integrability as one app can never fully be sure of the existence of another.

Consider for example, the service Helpcentre which allows users to ask queries which may have to do with a particular app. To enable this functionality, Helpcentre needs to know, dynamically, the list of apps that have been installed in the Omniport ecosystem.

This is where accessing the app registry comes into the picture. This functionality enables developers of services like Helpcentre and Notifications to be aware of the apps installed and configured by the sysadmin.

Fortunately Discovery provides this feature. To use it, first import the function available_apps.

from discovery.available import available_apps

Then in a function where the request object is available, such as a view or a DRF viewset, invoke the available_apps function.

available_app_list = available_apps(request=request)