When we set out to build Omniport, we had a bunch of things in mind. Vaguely speaking, it had to be epic and had to blow everyone’s mind off.

After a lot of thinking, some clarity. It had to be poetic. It had to evoke in the readers a love that they never thought they could experience again, a love so powerful it would compel them to cheat on their language of preference with Python, to switch to Django from PHP (or even Ruby on Rails, for that matter). On the frontend, there never was an real contender to React anyway.

The zen of Omniport

In a fashion similar to Python’s, here is a zen poem that somewhat guides the decisions behind Omniport.

Don’t repeat yourself. Ever. Ever. Oh wait, my bad. Sorry.
Focus on the essential. Everything else, like this sentence, is irrelevant.
Bike-shedding is the best way to annihilate time. Let’s discuss button colours.
Roles are just temporary hats people wear. Apps put personae on roles.
Generalised is better than hard-coded. Customisable is better than generalised.
Development should be exciting. Deployment should not.


The zen of Omniport, in addition to PEP8, StandardJS, and our own code style, is the driving force behind our development. Any pull request, even one of the smallest ones, that takes the code towards a state with higher compliance with the above zen shall be considered worthy of merge.